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Three weeks after my wife and I had our first born child, our American homeland was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001.  As I held my baby boy I knew that I had to do something, and ensuring the future security of my two sons is the reason I ran for U.S. Congress.  Today, while our Federal government has become intrusive in every part of our lives, the politicians in Washington, D.C. have neglected their primary responsibility, to secure the freedom of the American people.  I believe the way to keep peace, security, and freedom is through strength.

The terrorists’ attack on September 11, 2001 tested our security and defense, forcing a complete reexamination of our foreign policy.  In the 20th century, America’s foreign policy has involved an increasing amount of military and humanitarian intervention around the globe.  Over this time and continuing in the 21st century, the President has bypassed Congress’ constitutional authority to declare war as well as giving up our sovereignty to international organizations.  When a President is not held accountable and unilaterally commits our armed forces to an operation without the unity of our nation’s elected representatives, our troops become vulnerable.  This is the rationale behind Congress’s efforts to curb the President’s overreach with the War Powers Act of 1973, which included limits on the purpose and time for the President to deploy troops without a Congressional declaration of war.  However, presidency after presidency these limitations are disregarded. Therefore, Congress must act proactively to prevent these circumstances and ensure our foreign policy and troops receive the full support of the American public and Congress.

Our men and women in uniform put their lives on the line and demand our utmost priority and support.  That is why, with the threat of the debt ceiling crisis leaving our troops unfunded, I authored H.R. 728, which would require the Government to secure funding for the military in the event that the debt limit is reached.  I also cosponsored the Ensuring Pay for our Military Act in March of 2011 to ensure our military was paid until Congress passed a continuing resolution for fiscal year 2011.
With the global nature of this century’s threat of terrorism, the United States must project strategic independence, while keeping diplomacy with the world.  We need to define our national defense policy and reassess foreign military aid, nation building, and regime shifting.  We must use our strength and cultivate our relationships with the people around the world to ensure we take a stand against threats by cruel dictatorships, tyranny, and radical Islam.  As I work with Congress and the Commanders of our men and women in uniform, I will fight to honor those who have died by ensuring we secure this nation in the most optimal manner.