Issues | Immigration

The free movement of goods, manufacturing materials, money, and people is a critical piece of contribution to American prosperity.  This country was built on a citizenry of immigrants who came to America to have liberty and opportunity.  However, illegal immigration jeopardizes the very rule of law that attracts people from around the world to come here.  Illegal immigration presents a serious threat to our homeland security.  Genuine immigration reform must first include border security, then reform of a convoluted and contradictory immigration system.  It is increasingly difficult for our police officers and agents to enforce an immigration code which lacks clarity and consistency.  We will not see a strong immigration policy again until we can enforce our immigration laws.

I believe we must remove certain public welfare incentives that illegal immigrants take advantage while American taxpayers bear the burden.  Everyone who comes to American gets the privilege of our rule of law, but I simply cannot support a welfare system for illegal immigrants.  These services and benefits are reserved for millions of citizens and immigrants who legitimately come to America and become citizens.  Unfortunately, many illegal immigrants exploit America’s “natural born citizen” law and take advantage of the compassion Americans have for our children.

Our work is cut out for us as we tackle illegal immigration.  However, if we secure our borders and make our process more transparent and honest, we can ensure a more sustainable path for the future.