Highlighted Business

Thank you for visiting the ‘Highlighted Business’ page on our 3rd District Website.  All too often I hear from small, medium, and large businesses throughout Northeast Indiana about the stifling effect of government regulation on profits and growth.  In an economic environment where jobs must be our number one policy priority, tying the hands of our Job Creators will only further slow our recovery.

For these reasons I have created this page where I intend to highlight many of the troubles businesses are having with the federal government in the hopes of making everyone more aware of what I hear on a daily basis.  These stories will be coming soon and I encourage you, if you have a similar story, email me with Highlighted Business in the subject line.

I look forward to helping fight back government regulation at every pass but cannot do so unless we hear about the problem.  Together, we can shed light on the unbearable weight of federal regulation.